Feb 22, 1916

Dear Miss Griffis,

Your letter of Jan 29 came to hand the night before I left France to come on leave. It had been my intention to answer your letter at once but I was kept up late that night and had to get up at 2.30 the next morning to make a start for the rail head. We road to the station on a G. S. wagon. The Channel crossing was rather rough but I managed to abstain from being sea sick. The train was delayed at Folkestone and I did not reach London until after six in the evening. I was much disappointed at not finding my sister here as I expected. However she turned up safe and sound the next evening, i.e. Sunday Feb. 20. She had crossed over the same day as I had but remained over night at Folkestone. Margaret sailed from Dieppe and I from Boulogne. The white chalk cliffs of England looked pretty good after five months at the front.

London seems as busy as usual but the miserable lighting of the streets almost forces one to remain in doors at night. I have not been to a theatre since my arrival. There a quite a number of Canadians at the Cecil. Major Mewburn came in from Cliveden this evening and I had dinner with him before he departed for Folkestone. Capt McAllister is staying at the hotel at present and among others whom I saw was Morris lately returned from the Dardanelles.

Margaret and her friend left for Scotland last night where they intend to do some sightseeing. Personally I feel more like loafing around the hotel, and actually indulge myself to the extent of doing quite a bit of it. I like to lie in bed in the morning and gloat over the fact that I do not have to get up and take charge of a sick parade.

I went down to the Record Office this afternoon to see Dr. Geo. Johnson. He was out when I first called so I spent an hour or so looking through Westminster Abbey which is quite near by. Capt Johnson was in when I made a second call and I spent an enjoyable two hours in his company. To morrow I must get up a little earlier than has been my custom for the past few days. I have a few calls to make and my leave ends Sunday morning.

Please excuse this short letter.

Sincerely yours

Harold W McGill


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  1. So did he meet her on Feb 18th (as he said he would in his last letter)? He’s obviously in London with some spare time “…loafing around the hotel”.

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