France, Feb 2, 1917

Dear Miss Griffis;-

Please accept my sincere thanks for the parcel of cake, nuts, etc. which came to hand 3 or 4 days ago. We had the cake for dinner last night and it was a most welcome addition to our mess. Did you make it yourself? I am really very anxious to know. The nuts we gobbled up immediately the box was opened, after the manner of our kind. The apple I am sorry to say was frozen solid, and was still as hard as iron when the parcel reached me. I was going to say that our weather at present reminded one of Alberta but it is really more like Manitoba weather. Everything is still frozen up tight but the winds the past few days have not been so bitter and we get a little sunshine at times.

Since writing to you last we have made a days march and are now billeted in another village. I have derived some benefit from the change as there is a stove in the room in my new billet. The people of the village are a kindly lot and are very good to our men in the great majority of cases. One thing I notice about the inhabitants in this part of the country is that they go in for pets to quite an extent especially small dogs. Up in Belgium where we were last winter we never saw a pet dog. Any dog that couldn’t at least earn his living by drawing a cart or working a treadmill wasn’t kept in Belgium. I think it is more or less a sign of good nature in people for them to keep pets. Up in Belgium the people scarcely ever gave our soldiers a pleasant look unless they were trying to sell them something and not often even then.

Do you ever see Miss Levick who used to be at the C.G.H.? I ran across her brother the other day in our battalion. Just at present he is laid up with herpes zoster but is not bad enough to go into hospital. Tell Miss Levick if you should happen to see her that if her brother should meet with illness or wounds I shall not forget whose brother he is.

No word of leave yet. I thought a short time ago that I would likely be in England at this time but leave has been almost entirely cut off for present. After another month big happenings are liable to begin at any moment and then goodbye to leave until Summer is over.

Goodbye for present.

Harold W McGill

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