France, March 1, 1917

Dear Miss Griffis;-

It was very kind of you to send me this stationary but I do wish you would send me some with writing on it once in a while. It is quite some time since I have heard from you and I am beginning to fear that you had made a start for the war zone and met with a submarine en route. Possibly though some of your letters may have had a swim.

There is not very much that I can write you. The things that might be interesting we are not allowed to speak about. Of course the censor lets remarks on the weather pass and I shall tell you something about it. When we took over our trenches everything was frozen up hard and there was dry footing. After a few days a thaw set in and by the time we were relieved the mud and water were becoming quite troublesome. Then a week of rain set in and the mud for a time was a fright but we were fortunately out of the trenches for the worst of it. Just now we are getting very nice weather indeed and the ground is beginning to get dry.

A year ago to morrow the British retook the “Bluff” and “International trench” and we were treated to the spectacle of a tremendous bombardment, the most terrible that any of us had seen up to that time. We held these positions for a few days back in July and had a chance to see the effects of the artillery fire to which they had been subjected some months before.

Leave has been cut off again and I am afraid that I am out of luck and shall not have a chance to see London again before Spring operations begin. I should like to get a few days rest before the big show gets under way again for it is not going to be any Sunday school picnic. In fact I have an idea that it will be distinctly rough in spots.

Capt D. Dunlop is now M.O. to one of the battalions over here but I have not had a chance to see him. I saw Major Hazard looking very fit about a month ago. Major Moshier had dinner with us one evening last week. Capt Bob Pearson is attached to our brigade now with the YMCA. He was wounded last Sept. on the Somme. Let me hear from you when you have time to write.

Sincerely yours

Harold W McGill


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