France, April 26, 1917

Dearest Emma;-

I did not have any letter from you to-day but yours of April 18 arrived yesterday. I fully intended answering it yesterday but was enticed into a game of bridge just as I was about to begin. Then in the evening I went off to a concert given by the Corps entertainment company. This is a poor excuse I fully realize but it is the best at present available. You see I cannot truthfully tell you that I am too busy to write and you know how I hate a lie. Canadian mail was in yesterday but I didn’t day even a newspaper. By the way many thanks for the copies of “Life” which are much enjoyed by all the members of the mess. I haven’t written to Miss Taylor yet but shall do so one of these days.

Am very anxious to know the result of your proposition regarding returning to work. I am afraid you will have small chance of coming to France but we shall hope for the best. It will be quite alright either way, provided you contract for the privilege of getting off when I do get leave. In case I can go to England on leave and if you come to France we can spend our leave here.

Please excuse this short note – I am writing under difficulties as a strenuous bridge game is in progress right at my elbow. I shall try to write you again to-morrow.

Yours with fondest love

Harold W McGill

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  1. You sir, are a raper!

  2. and don’t you dare critise me! I’m right your wrong


  3. Hey, thanks for the blog. Much obliged.

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