France, Sept 24, 1917

My dearest Emma;-

I received your letter of Sept 20 this morning and as you will perceive it took only 4 days to come, a record to date. I also had one from Miss Reid to-day. It was very nice of her to write to one and I shall reply in a few days. She thinks I am a very lucky man, in which opinion I heartily concur.

You had a lot to say about all the nice men you have been meeting lately. At present location I am quite defencless but shall have my revenge writing to you some time about all the lovely girls I am meeting. In the meantime I surely am perfectly satisfied, as you say, to be the one “Elected”. I suppose our engagement will not be a success, as an engagement, unless we have at least one row and make up again. However at present I cannot think of anything we could legitimately quarrel over. You will have to try to think up something. Otherwise our love affair will lack interest and romance. I shall warn you at the start to forget all that “Strong good, brainey” stuff. Otherwise you are in for a terrible disillusionment.

We are having quite an easy time and the weather is simply delightful. I had intended writing to you and Margaret yesterday afternoon but we had callers at the mess and I did not get started. In the evening Capt. Bob Pearson and I went out for dinner with the mess of another Alberta battalion. Capt Bob is naturally pleased at being head of the Alberta Election poll, and so are we all over here. I feel very sorry that Col. Hewgill was not elected and am ungallant enough to wish that almost anybody other that the lady had been elected, always excepting of course Lt. Col. MacKinnery and Lt. Col. A. E. Myatt. Miss MacAdams was quite palpably the candidate of the Alberta government and I am strongly of the opinion that the interests nearer her heart will be, not those of the soldiers, but those of A. L. Sifton. In every way I think her a most unsuitable representative but the fool soldiers that gave her the odd vote must put up with the consequences.

I am much worried over the absence of letters from Margaret. As I told you I had word that her unit was bombed and it is now over two weeks since she has writte to me.

Yours very affectionately

Harold W McGill

P.S. Please excuse these utterly impossible envelopes. They are the best I could by in the canteen. HWMcG.

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