France, Sept 27, 1917

Dear Emma;-

I have not heard from you for 3 days but shall write to you again anyway to let you know that at last I have moved to the field ambulance. My address now will be 5th Canadian Field Ambulance. B.E.F. Do not forget to put “Canadian” in the address, otherwise the letter would probably go astray. Col. Bell left to take charge, temporarily, of a brigade the same day that I came away. I very much doubt if he will return to the battalion. So far I certainly have not been overworked in my new position.

Had a letter from Margaret yesterday. It was written on Sept 17 and had been thus 9 days on the road. I was much relieved to get the letter for although I discounted Moshier’s statement at his ordinary rate I was nevertheless considerably worried. In her letter Margaret said that she and Miss Lynch had just finished their tour of night duty and were about to have a day off in which they designed to do some exploring of the surrounding country – Margaret said she had sent me a card giving their location, but the censor must have grabbed it for it never came to hand. I have found out however just about where the unit is and shall try to get a run down there some time. Wish you were there too provided the Huns would quit their moonlight bombing attacks on hospitals.

To what hospital are you endeavoring to transfer? Do you like the place where you are any better that you did? I trust you are not working too hard and do hope you will not be sent back to the Tb. ward again. If you are I shall apply for special leave in order to go over to England and run away with you. Before leaving the battalion I told Col. Bell I wanted a months leave for a very special purpose and asked him to use his help, unofficially of course, to get it for me. He said he would always be pleased to do anything to help me in any way and was exceedingly nice about it. The Colonel is the only confidant I have so far made in the matter of our intentions except of course my immediate relatives.

The weather is keeping fine although we had a smart rain early this morning. I hope the rain keeps off for another month at least for it is great Hun straafing weather now. The moonlight nights are bad for Hun air raids though.

Yours with dearest love

Harold W McGill


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