France, Oct 6, 1917

My dear Emma;-

I was more than pleased to day to receive your two very nice and loving letters of Sept 24 & 28 respectively. You see they were reposted from the battalion and as you will see the first took 12 days to reach me. You should have my change of address long before this and I shall expect another letter to-morrow. Yes, I really truly love you – very much and all the girls I may ever meet will not make the slightest change.

It made me jump a foot to read about griddle cakes & maple syrup. I am certainly all in favor of that. I wonder how long it will be before we are able to have our first breakfast together in our own home and what we shall feel like. I know I shall feel quite excited and very happy.

No, I have not been at all busy lately although for the past few days I have been orderly officer and fairly well tied down to quarters. We had a move to-day but only for a short distance. It rained in buckets for most of the day and was altogether very disagreeable.

Had a letter from Margaret to day written on Sept. 24. Her unit was bombed but nobody was hurt. She told me not to worry any over her safety as they had a good trench to get into when the airplanes came over. They have to keep the lights out and sit in the dark or moonlight when there is danger of a raid. Margaret said that she had been out for a horseback ride, the first she has had in France. I have not been in a saddle since I came to the field ambulance, but a motor ambulance is good enough to go on with. I have not had a chance to visit the C.C.S. yet. I shall have to go either in a motor car or airplane. One of the R.F.C. officers invited me down to take a joy ride with him. I wonder whether I could persuade him to take me up to where Margaret is. The journey would take about 20 minutes in an airplane.

The war news from the Ypres salient is very good these days and I trust that it will continue so. I fear the rain will have a prejudicial effect on operations. How is the Hornby offensive proceeding?

Good bye for present. Kind regards to Reid.

Your lover

Harold W McGill

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