France, Oct 16, 1917

Dearest Emma;-

Your two letters of Oct 9 & 10 respectively are to hand. The latter came in the mail yesterday but I was away and did not get it until this morning. I should have written to you yesterday but did not get a chance to do so.

First of all let me wish you very many happy returns of the day and I hope and trust that we shall be together to celebrate your next birthday. I have reached that stage of life when my own birthdays are rather a source of distress & worry to me. You ask me if I may be able to get leave before Christmas. If I were still with the battalion I should have no hesitation in asking for a month by that time but I rather hesitate to do it now that I have just joined another unit. My turn for ordinary ten days leave will likely be around about that time. If I cannot get a month are you willing to marry me with the prospect of us having only a week to spend together? You have never suggested to me where you wish to be married or by whom you wish the ceremony to be performed. You know the choice of padre belongs to the lady. Is it be in London and where then shall we go? I was thinking of Scotland. In the winter though the South of England might be better. Would you mind making cautious inquiries regarding the best place to go.

You mentioned something in your letter about a Miss Smith who is to marry a model letter writer named Dr. Boyd. Do you mean Miss Smith of the C.G.H. and if so is Dr. Boyd the man who used to be in Calgary? If that is the man I think I can beat him at some things if not at letter writing. I really do not know what advice to give you regarding your consulting the Matron in Chief. You see the date of my leave is so problematical that you would not have much to go on would you? However it might be a good thing to let her know your intentions.

Yesterday I made a long trip with a suspected insanity case taking him up to a British Stationary hospital. The journey took me within a reasonable distance of my sister’s unit and I called to see her, finding the place after some difficulty. When we were within a few hundred yards of the hospital our ambulance car broke down and we were completely stranded. I had to wire back for another car and in the mean time I stayed at the hospital. Margaret was very pleased to see me and I certainly was to see her. If the car had not broken down I should have had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I got back to my unit in the relief car about 11 P.M. I saw Miss Lynch and a number of other fine girls but none so sweet and lovable as yourself. If you were at a C.C.S. out here I am afraid that the O.C. of the unit would be putting me under arrest for coming around so often. I felt very depressed yesterday over the accident to the car for I did not know how my own O.C. would view the matter. However he was exceedingly nice about it. I met many old friends at the hospital among them the Nursing Sister in/c Miss Inga Johnson. She was an undergraduate at W.G.H. when I was house surgeon there and is a perfectly splendid girl. I had dinner at the Sisters’ mess, an entirely new experience for me. Miss Lynch and Margaret are very pleased to be with their new unit. Both the O.C. Lt. Col. Prowse and Miss Johnson are of the best. You know a poor O.C. can make life a hell on earth for everybody under his command. I found that every M.O. in the unit was an old acquaintance of mine, one of them a class mate.

Am sorry that your relations with a member of the nursing staff are somewhat strained. I note what you say regarding a certain officer. You have a remarkable intuition in reading character. The remarks I made regarding the military efficiency of another officer do not apply to this chap.

You are a splendid letter writer and every time I get one from you I wish you were near enough to kiss.

Your lover

Harold W McGill

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