France, Oct 20, 1917

Dear Emma;

This is really an abject apology – a pause here to read your two letters of Oct. 13 & 15 respectively which have just come in – for my delay in writing to acknowledge your letter of Oct 11 and the receipt of the box of beautiful stationary. Thank you ever so much. I fully intended writing you last night but was disturbed just as I was about to begin. I got a letter partially written to my cousin in Toronto yesterday. I owed her answers to three which have been reaching me at intervals during the past month. She was engaged to marry a young man who was killed out her a year and a half ago. He was in a howitzer battery. The poor girl took her grief to heart very much and I always try to answer her letters within reasonable time. She asked me last year to look up her boy’s grave which I did. He was buried within a mile of where we were camped at the time.

I had a letter from Margaret this morning written 3 days before I called to see her. It may be that I can get another chance to get up that way before long. The other time I went up with a case of suspected insanity who was being taken to a special hospital. Now I hear that there may be another to go up but of course the O.C. might not send me the second time. However I am very pleased that Margaret has moved up into the zone of active operations for I shall surely have a chance of calling at her unit from time to time and after all the danger from Hun bombs is not so very great. Quite a few English nursing sisters have become casualties lately though.

How would you like to come over to live in France after —– you know? The South of France, e.g. Nice, would be fine for the winter. I have not made any proposals yet regarding the months leave but shall begin to make attempts before very long to find out what prospects really are. I have great hopes that it will be granted, but there are 2 or 3 others in the unit who have been here over two years and I may have to await my turn.

Shall close for present. I am afraid that you will justly consider this epistle a short one.

Your lover

Harold W McGill

What is your correct address please? HWMcG.


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