France, Oct 22, 1917

Dear Emma;-

Your perfectly lovely letter of Oct 17 reached me this afternoon having been as you will see five days on the road. I am pleased to hear that mine are reaching you a little more promptly than heretofore.

Our weather has been a little more agreeable lately although it usually rains a little every day. It is of a very much better quality than we were getting at this time last year. Yesterday afternoon I got the O.C. to excuse me from church parade and went over to see my cousin who is a lieutenant in one of the units in my old brigade. I was happy to find him in good health and spirits. I sincerely hope nothing happens to the boy. It was such a fine day that I went over to the aerodrome to see the man who had promised to give me a joy ride. Unfortunately he had gone on leave but the major in/c asked me to stay and have afternoon tea with them. I met a very nice bunch of boys but nobody offered to take me up. They have a very fine mess and I believe the R.F.C. is noted for always having something very nice in that line. This afternoon we were out for a route march.

I have met the Capt. Cockshutt whom you mention but should probably not know him if I met him again. I am very sorry to hear of his trouble. How is Owen getting along? I have not written to Major Hewgill upon the little proposition I mentioned to you but may do so any day now. You have never told me where you wish the event to take place. Suppose I can get an ordinary leave soon what shall we do? Had I better take my ten days and trust to getting a month later? And if I do take a ten days leave shall we carry out our design forthwith or wait until I can get a longer leave?

I am very sorry if my letters are severe and lack warm expressions of affection. I certainly do not intend them to be so. I shall try to do better in the future. I am very happy to have you say you like the ring. You see I had to leave the choice very largely to the jewellers and did not have the pleasure of seeing it myself.

Your lover

Harold W McGill


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