France, Dec 2, 1917

Dear Emma;-

Your letter of Nov 26 is to hand. I am pleased to know that you are feeling some better and hope you may be altogether recovered by the time I get over there. I wrote to Col. Hewgill the day before yesterday explaining my circumstances to him.

Have not heard anything further regarding by leave but shall write you at once when I first learn any definite particulars. You may have some difficulties making out what this scrawl means for my fountain pen is nearly dry and I have no ink supply on hand.

The war news is beautifully cheerful these days isn’t it? Of course it is a cold windy day and perhaps the inclement weather makes the outlook even more dreary that it really is. You asked me if the weather lately had not been better than at a similar season last year. Yes November was a very much better month that that of last year or the year before.

Is there any serious food shortage in England? We hear so many alarmist reports over here that one does not know what to believe or disbelieve. Certainly the mild weather of the past few weeks would be a great help to people short of coal.

Had to attend a court martial yesterday morning and in the afternoon I went visiting. Had lunch with my cousin at his battalion and from there went to my old unit where I had dinner. The padre of whom I spoke to you has left to return to Canada. He is at present in England but intends to sail at the earliest opportunity.

Good night.

Your lover

Harold W McGill

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