France, Dec 4, 1917

Dear Emma;-

I have your two letters of Nov 29 and 30 respectively. The former arrived yesterday and the latter to day. Many, many thanks for the box of lovely grapes you were kind enough to send. They came last evening and were so good that they are now all a thing of the past.

Have not heard anything further regarding my leave but at least have not been told that it will not be forthcoming, so that is something anyway. I asked for my leave to begin on Dec 7 but of course I may not be able to get away on the date specified. Leave is being granted fairly liberally just now.

When is your sick leave up? It would be a funny thing for you to go and get married on your sick leave, wouldn’t it. I think I told you that a month of leave was quite out of the question. If we cannot manage the affair in 14 days – well – C’est le guerre.

I do not know why I am asking you so many questions for I shall likely see you before you have time to answer them. I am very impatient to see you and have you tell me all those things you were afraid to write in your letters.

The war news is certainly not very inspiring but I am not feeling nearly so blue over the situation as I was a couple of days ago. This is probably because the weather is brighter. The election news from Canada indicates as you say a very bitterly contested fight there. If Laurier should happen to win Canada will be eternally disgraced for we cannot keep up our divisions in the field without conscription. Of course Borden has a heavy handicap to carry due to his retaining that insufferable bounder Sam Hughes in his cabinet for so long.

My Christmas letters all practically all sent off now. I did not send anything but letters this year and not many of those.

Goodbye until I see you.

Your lover

Harold W McGill

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