France, Dec 26, 1917

Dearly loved Wife;-

How are you getting along and are you comfortable? I shall be very anxious until I hear from you and shall look forward to my next leave in way I have never done before. No doubt you will be now busy sending out our announcements. I shall try to enclose you a partial list of those I should like to receive one. Many of them will also probably be included in your own list. If there are any names on my list of which you do not approve strike them off.

Have had quite a bunch of Christmas parcels and have still four to open. One of them I see is from Dr. W.E. Spankie. One of those I opened to day was from Mrs. & Miss Crozier and I have just finished writing Miss Crozier a letter of acknowledgement. I wonder if we should send Spankies an announcement. I do not like the man but as I have said before it does not do any good to hurt peoples’ feelings no matter who they are. Do as you please in the matter. The first list I shall send you will be of names of my own relatives and friends whom you probably do not know.

I intend to look up the 31st Battn to morrow and will likely see Major Daughty, Major Hornby and others of my old brothers in arms. The 31st billets are within a few miles of us and we send an ambulance to collect the sick there every day.

It snowed here most of yesterday. The ground is now covered with 4 or 5 inches of snow and there are no signs of a thaw. Indeed the weather is quite Christmas-like. I hope the weather turns warmer before long for it is hard on men sleeping in billets without fires.

I shall now close and get to work making out my list. Please excuse it being written in pencil on leaves from my field message book. I am doing this so that I can retain a carbon copy.

Yours with greatest love

Harold W McGill

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