France, Dec 28, 1917

Dear Wife;-

Just a few words to say Good night to you. I am very anxious to hear from you and to know how you are getting along, but I suppose I can hardly expect to receive a letter from you for 2 or 3 days yet.

I visited the battalion with which my cousin is serving to day but he was out with his company and I failed to see him. I then went on to my former unit and saw many of my old friends including Major Daughty, Major Hornby and others. Col. Bell is away in Paris on leave but was expected back to-day. This afternoon I took the unit out for a route march. It was very cold and a high wind was blowing. The ground is covered with snow and this was drifting to-day quite after the fashion of a Manitoba blizzard. After I get this letter finished I shall join some of the other officers in a game of bridge.

Regarding that list I sent you last night for mailing announcements I think that perhaps you had better cancel all the special ones to my old battalion; i.e. all except the two to Col. Bell, the one to him & officers of the battalion and the one to him and Mrs. Bell. We cannot very well send them to all the officers I know in the battalion and discrimination is difficult. Perhaps though you would like to send to those officers that you have met yourself.

By the way I have forgotten Enid’s address. Please let me have it the first time you write. Good Christmas boxes continue to arrive. Got two more to day but I have not opened them yet.

Good night loved one.

Your husband

Harold W McGill

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