France, Jan 9, 1918

Dear Wife;-

Have not had a letter from you for 3 days but I know that one or more must be on the way. Had a letter or rather a note from Col. Hewgill yesterday and to day received one from Vancouver that was written on Nov. 16. I wonder what has been the reason for the recent great delay in the mails.

Our weather is still distinctly bad. It was very cold this morning and at noon a violent snow storm came on which lasted all afternoon. This afternoon I went to a neighboring village to see my cousin. I got a ride there in a car but walked home through the storm.

Have you been up to London yet? I am afraid if the weather over there is anything like ours that traveling will not be an entirely unmixed pleasure. I am afraid your water pipes will be again put out of commission.

My cousin expects to get leave next month but does not intend going to England. He thinks the South of France a better locality in which to spend leave at this time of year. I shall go to England for my next leave which should come in the spring or early summer & then next winter we shall try to have a holiday at Nice.

Col. Hewgill said he intended having Mrs. Daughty, Miss Reid and you up to lunch. Did he do it? The Colonel speaks of coming to France for two weeks leave. His old friends would all be pleased to see him.

It was three weeks yesterday at noon since I returned to my unit. It seems longer than that. The time will probably go faster when big happenings begin again in the spring and we all get busy.

Good bye for present. I shall try to write a really nice letter one of these fine days.

Your loving husband

Harold W McGill

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