France, Jan 14, 1918

Dear Emmie;-

Your letter of Jan 9 with enclosed letter from Tenie reached me this afternoon. I enjoyed reading your nice letter very much and was also much interested in reading the enclosure. Your sister must be down in the East end of P.Q. Shall we be able to call upon then when we are on our way home? I hope you have not sung my praises too high in that direction. If so a terrible disappointment awaits them.

I wrote you yesterday and you may get two letters together. Please do not worry if you do not hear from me for several days for our mail arrangements are liable to be upset.

It has been a very rough day, a regular Chinook blowing since early morning. This morning I was away acting as one of the judges in a stretcher bearer competition. It poured rain all the time we were out. This afternoon we had a sharp thunderstorm and the rain came down in torrents. Of course the rain has taken all the snow away and the roads will now be better fit for carrying traffic than when they were covered with ice. I trust that your water pipes will be thawed out by this.

You said something in a former letter about some officers being able to get leave every 3 or 4 months. I believe that some do, but my dear girl you may trust me to take leave as often as it comes my way – 5 months has been my shortest term over here without leave and when I went to England last Summer I had been on duty over 8 months. Of course leave is being granted more liberally now but whether there will be much going when my turn comes again is hard to say. You may be sure, dear one, that I shall not lose many minutes in getting to your side when the precious yellow warrant does come to me again.

Yours lovingly

Harold W McGill

P.S. Saw Major Doughty this morning. HWMcG

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