France, Jan 18, 1918

Dearest Emma;-

I wrote you two days ago since when I have not received any letter from you. The letter I wrote the other evening is just now going off in the mail and I thought I had better add a post script as it were.

The rain has relaxed its efforts somewhat and to day is fairly fine for the time of the year. I am getting my clothes dried out and feel quite warm and comfortable again. I am pleased that we are now getting warmer days even if the rain is bad. The severe frosts and snow were becoming tiresome.

Col. Hewgill has not been around to see me and I have considerable doubt of his coming at all before his return to England. Perhaps though I am doing him an injustice. We shall wait and see.

My cousin over here whom I saw a week ago seemed quite hurt because I had not told him about my intention to marry. As a matter of fact until a week before I went on leave the only people on this side of the Atlantic to whom I had mentioned the matter were Margaret and Col. Bell.

Saw Moshier yesterday. He is now a Lt. Col. And I believe the fact is very unlikely to slip his memory. Have not seen Gunn for some months and have serious thoughts of looking him up one of these days. I was talking to a Capt Bray, dental officer, the other day who told me that he knew your sister who once taught in Morden, Man.

When you next go up to London get me a few good records and send me the bill please. The latter I shall present to the mess for repayment. Perhaps though you had better wait until I send you a list of those we have on hand in order to avoid danger of duplication. If you see any of those of Clara Butt you may send them along though as we have none.

Please excuse brevity please, the mail man is waiting.

Your loving husband

Harold W McGill

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