France, Jan 20, 1918

Dear Emma;

I wrote you yesterday but as you write nearly every day and I dearly like to get your letters I shall write again to day in the faint hope that my poor epistle may be similarly through to a lesser degree welcome.

Your two letters of Jan. 14 & 15 came to hand yesterday afternoon after I had sent off mine. Who is Capt Millar?; I don’t think I ever heard of him before. I remember Lt. Cameron very well. He is quite an athlete and was wounded at Passchendaele. I saw him when he was going through the dressing station. I am pleased to know that he has made a good recovery. Please give him my kind regards should you see him again.

How do you manage to get such a tone of affection in your letters? I wish I could tell you how much I love you and how greatly I miss you but my powers of expression are not equal to the occasion. Do you think that being married detracts from a man’s value as a soldier? I am afraid of it for many times a day I catch myself counting up the months that must elapse before my leave again comes due and I am able to spend that precious two weeks with you. And it isn’t right that an officer should be thinking too much about his leave; he is just liable to think less than he should about his duty. The next time we shall run away and have a honeymoon again all to ourselves. It’s a terror, when you come to think of it, the number of people and friends we spent so many of our precious hours with. We seemed always to have somebody with us from the time we came down stairs in the morning, only of course you did not always get up and then I was quite alone. Do not think dear that I am sorry we met the aforementioned friends, we could not have done otherwise, remaining as we did in London, only “next time” we shall not remain in London.

Got a letter written to my sister Frances to night but have 8 other unanswered Christmas letters on hand.

Good night my love.

Your husband
Harold W. McGill

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