France, Jan 27, 1918

Dear Wife; –

This has not seemed at all like Sunday, there has not been a church parade and indeed there has not been a padre near the place all day. We are not much bothered with padres up here. It has been a damp foggy day but not very cold.

I note you refer again in your letter which reached me this afternoon to the fact that I am not quite up to your idea of what a husband should be in the way of letter writing. I thought I had been doing fairly well but apparently that was a misconception on my part. Thank you for your concern as to my safety. My dear lady you may trust me implicitly to take the utmost precautions. Nobody dislikes the idea of yours truly being hurt more than I do myself.

I had a letter from Margaret to day which I am enclosing in toto including cheque. This money has already been charged up to my leave expenses, so spend it foolishly if you wish. We shall call it found wealth.

Our candle supply is very short tonight and I shall have to hurry this letter a bit in order to get it finished before darkness sets in. I shall use the last of my inferior envelopes. To morrow I must fall back on F.S. postcards.

Our cook made some real old fashioned doughnuts to day and I had some for dinner. There were very good. Can you make doughnuts? We are not being kept at all busy but of course one can never tell when something may start. It sill be fine when Spring comes again. Do you know I am looking forward to my next leave more longingly than ever before? Of course the reason is you. You need not expect me to get away when the 3 months are gone – I shall go through whenever the powers that be give their consent.

Have had no Canadian mail for weeks. The trans-Atlantic boats must all be sailing in convoys and this may account for the long delays between mails.

Good night dear from one who loves you very much.

Yours ever
Harold W. McGill

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