France, Feb 4, 1918

My dear Emma: –

I have your two letters of Jan 27 & 28 respectively, the latter enclosing the letter from Miss Lynch. The box of stationary arrived the day before yesterday. Thank you very much. I was greatly in need of writing materials. You will recognize this paper as some of that you sent.

Lt. Col. Cross of the Bramshott camp was in to see me yesterday morning. He is over on the same sort of 14 days trip as was Col. Hewgill. I did not have much time to talk to him as just after he arrived the H.D.M.S. and D.H.D.M.S. came along on a tour of inspection and I had to go around our billets and lines with them.

You ask my advice regarding the directing of your mail. I really do not know what to say to that my dear, you will surely know what is best. Certainly if you contemplate changing your place of abode, it might be advisable for you to secure some fixed address from where your mail could be forwarded. Whether or not the Bank of Montreal would be the best place I do not know.

Am enclosing Dr. Chambers’ letter. Chambers writes a very good letter but his communications are very few and far between. I was much interested and amused at this enumeration of the “Bolsheviks” among the members of the medical profession in Calgary.

Do you know I have nearly half of the chocolates you sent me still uneaten? They last so much longer when I am the only member of the mess. Please do not bother to knit me another scarf; my present supply will last me for the duration. I am very well off now for everything in the clothing line. Am still using that top shirt without the elbow to which you took objection but I really think I shall soon have to discard it to the salvage dump. Everything made of wool is now salved.

It is strange that Teenie did not know about our being married. My sister Frances got the cable I sent her alright and there is no apparent reason why the other should not have been delivered. I sent them both from the same office.

I must write to Margaret to day. After that I shall have two more letters to get off and then I shall have my table clear of unanswered correspondence.

Yes, February is a short month and if our present fine weather continues it will go fast. Do not count on my getting leave within the 3 months though.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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