France, Feb 10, 1918

Dearest Wife;-

It is now 3 days since I have had a letter from you. This is not a reproach at all for I have no doubt that you have written, but you will thus see that the mail delivery if far from perfect. After this when you feel like handing it out good and hot to me because you have not had a letter please just blame the lack of letters on the mail service, which of course may or may not be the culprit. I really expect to hear from you today though. The mail is not yet in, and as ours goes in half an hour I must not wait if I am to get this letter away this afternoon.

We have had a plague of very high winds lately and also some rain. The weather is not at all cold though. The winds get on one’s nerves a little. It is lonesome at night with the gale whouping around the hut, flapping and ganging everything loose. Our windows flap rather than rattle for they are made out of greased paper instead of glass. Every pane of glass in this part of the world was “Bust” years ago. Last night I had a car going back to our Hq. with some patients and I took a little joy ride for about an hour. It was my first trip away from here for 3 weeks.

Must close now and get this away. May write again tomorrow if a letter from you comes this afternoon.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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