France, Feb 14, 1918

Dearest Emma: –

This will have to be my 1918 Valentine token. Your two letters of Feb. 7 & 8 respectively are to hand. Please give Richards my kind regards when you see him. I am returning the letter from your cousin as you may require to refer to his address.

It rained hard all day yesterday but the mud is not very troublesome just where we are. It is cloudy and dull to day but so far we have had no rain. The temperature keeps fairly high though and that is something for which we may be thankful. I was fairly busy last night, did not get to bed until 1 this morning and was up again at 5:30. After I had breakfast at 8:30 I attended a sick parade, then at 10 disposed of two defaulters, made an inspection of camp after that and then visited one of our A.D.S.s. When I returned it was nearly lunch time so I remained in my hut and attended to my official correspondence after which I read the Daily Mail, continental edition. Immediately after lunch I censored the section mail and forthwith started in on this letter so that it may be finished in time to go out with the mail. I give you this little summary of my morning tour of duties in order that you may know that I do not spend all my time watching Hun planes through field glasses.

Had a notice from the chief paymaster yesterday informing me that $58.00 back pay had been credited to my account. My A/majority was dated Dec 16, hence the little bonus. It will help on our next leave. Let me know when you next write how you are off for funds yourself. Has your separation allowance come through yet? You should also have some arrears coming on that account. I applied for it dating from Jan1/18.

You mentioned my need of shirts. I can assure you positively that no such necessity exists. The ones I have will do me nicely until warmer weather comes. You see in cold weather I wear my serge practically all the time and it thus does not matter what kind of a shirt is worn underneath. I have one good summer shirt. I tore the hell off one of my boots the other day and may have to get another pair of boots before the end of the year. I still have two good pairs.

An old friend Capt. Sterling has just come in so I shall ring off for the present. Good by my dear wife.

Yours lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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