France, Feb. 19, 1918

Dear Wife; –

Your letter of Feb 13 reached me this afternoon. I did not hear from you yesterday, but the day before I received 2 or 3 from you. I often wonder if you really enjoy receiving letters to the extent I do.

The letter I got two days ago I shall try to answer at my leisure to morrow. I am now back at Hq. of our unit and shall have a little more time to devote to my correspondence. I am not sorry to rejoin the mess after a month of solitary confinement.

I note by your letter that you intend moving. What is the trouble? You need not fear worrying or troubling one by giving one your reasons; I should very much like to know. I hope you are able to find a nice place and am sure the advantage of complete independence will be worth the trouble of moving. You have so many good friends that you like that it is really not worth your while in any case, so far as that goes.

Had a communication to day forwarded from the chief paymaster London regarding your separation allowance. The paymaster attached a slip which I am enclosing. Let me know if the increase does not come through. Also, please do not run short of funds. I shall always be pleased to know how you are progressing in the financial line. In any case I shall forward you a cheque about the end of the month.

Our weather keeps bright and sunny but the nights are very cold and frosty. I am alright now though in regard to billet and to night I shall sleep between sheets in a real bed for the first time since returning from leave. Leave is still coming through quite liberally and I have high hopes of being able to pull off another leave before the lid goes on.

I had a wounded German in my dressing station this morning. He was quite a young chap. He did not complain of pain from his wounds but tears kept coming silently and rolling down his cheeks. I suppose the thought of being captured was hard for him to bear. I hope such a fate never befalls me. It cannot be pleasant.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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