France, Feb 24, 1918

Dear Emma; –

Your letter of Feb. 19 came to-day having made slightly better time than ususal. The table at which I am writing is being more or less violently shaken so my writing will be even worse than ususal. I have a big pile of unanswered letters to answer now and am getting none written to anyone except to you. I had intended writing some this afternoon but instead of doing so I went off for a ride. It was not a particularly fine day but was not cold.

It is just two month ago to day since I returned to France. I was going to say a year and it really seem almost that long ago since I last saw you.

You asked me about what I thought of you storing a trunk in London. It would be a fine idea to store one containing the articles you do not expect to need, and probably London would be as good a place as any in which to leave it. However do as you think best in regard to that. I have no objection whatever to your putting things in my trunk provided you do not throw any of my possessions out. The correspondence you spoke of finding in the trunk I am sure is entirely innocuous although I have no idea now what it is.

How are you off for funds? You never tell me in your letters and I know how very easy but none the less inconvenient it is to run short.

When you go up to London you might get a few records, not many, and have them sent along. Also send me the bill and I shall charge it up to the mess. That is what the others do. I cannot send you a list of those we have as we have not one made out. However we have none of Clara Butt, Harry Lauder or John McCormick. There is enough Hawaian stuff on hand to do for some time. One if apt to get tired of it. Now do not send me anything to eat please. If you buy — I shall have to finish with pencil — something to eat just use it yourself. Our rations are quite sufficient. You might send me a book on bridge though if you wish.

Yours lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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