France, Feb 28, 1918

Dear Emma ; –

I fully expected to get a letter from you to day but none was forthcoming. I drew an absolute blank to day so far as mail was concerned and yesterday all I got was a roll of newspapers. Doubtless there will be a big pile of letters for me to morrow.

We are at present leading a most uneventful life. The military situation is very quiet and there is not much sickness to make work for the medical service. During the coming Spring we may expect a lot of air fighting even if nothing of great importance is occuring on the ground.

I wrote to Miss Drysdale yesterday and thanked her for the socks. I am looking forward to meeting this charming person when I next go on leave. Have you yet made any plans of what your future course of action is to be after my next return to France? It will be well for to make out a program covering an ample space of time for present indications point to a further continuence of several years of war. I do not see how it can end in our favor short of two more years and even then it may not be finished.

I have been wondering ever since I got your letter of a few days ago what the world you wished to say to me that was of such an important and confidential character. Naturally I have been indulging in all sorts of conjecture and certainly shall not enjoy real peace of mind until I get an answer from you in reply to the letter I wrote in regard to this matter.

We had a heavy rain last night but to day is for the most part fine and bright. There is just a noticable touch of Spring in the air. I am beginning to think about our next leave. I had a dream about it last night in which I was made very unhappy by finding you ill when I arrived in England. You always tell me in your letters that you are feeling well and strong and I trust that such a satisfactory state of affairs may continue.

Yours with best love,

Harold W. McGill

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