France, March 12, 1918

Dearest Wife; –

Your letter of March 6 came yesterday along with the book on bridge and the two copies of “Life” for which please accept my thanks. From the receipt of the former I would judge that you had made your long contemplated visit to London. The book on bridge I am sorry to say is 10 years old and consequently quite useless. However that is not your fault and I am much obliged to you for all the trouble you took in the matter of securing it. What I wanted was a good book on action bridge, the only game we play out here.

I wrote off for samples of uniform materials to day and shall send for the clothes to be made so soon as the samples arrive and I have made my selection. It may be that I shall get away on leave before I have been expecting it. I really do not know how I shall be able to finance a new uniform and another leave so soon after my last. However if you are genuinely anxious to see me once more I shall have to make the attempt.

I am very sorry to hear that Miss Carr has been ill and can only hope that she may be better by this time. Do you think I had better go down to Hazlemere and pay a visit with you to the Drysdales when I go on leave? I think I should like to if I were sure to be welcome. Of course we could not do this if they had illness in the house.

The weather keeps ideal and the tactical situation inactive. We are not at all busy and have 3 officers at the station. Capt. Dunham returned to the section on Sunday evening. All the section officers are to gether for the first time since I joined the ambulance. Besides the 3 officers we have Tim, Capt. Mossman’s terrier pup, as a member of the mess. We had a guest for dinner last evening. We had been able to buy some very nice sole in an adjoining town in the morning so had a fish dinner with peas and fried potatoes.

Good bye for present my love

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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