France, March 16, 1918

Dear Emma; –

I had 4 letters to-day, 1 from you dated March 11, and three from Canada. Yours of March 10 reached me yesterday. To morrow is Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day. We have no springs of Shamrock to put up for the occasion here.

By all means go ahead and pick out your Spring suit. There is no object in waiting for my assistance, for my opinion would not be of very much value in such a matter. Why do you wish to know the size of the shoe I take? Were you dissatisfied with the boots I wore when last on leave?

The weather has turned somewhat colder over here. The nights are quite frosty but the days are bright and sunny. The moon is waxing again and we shall probably have a lot of bombing from the air during the next two weeks. The Hun planes were quite busy last night but did not drop any bombs near us.

I was down to a C.A.M.C. meeting this afternoon and there met Capt. Fred Campbell from Calgary. He is stationed not so very far away and is coming over to see us some day. He looks much the same as when I last saw him 3 years ago.

Our boys had a football match this afternoon and won 3-1. We are not at all busy but are likely to have an inspection of the unit next week. This will keep us fairly well occupied during the period of preparation. Inspections make a lot of trouble but are quite necessary for the good of the service.

Could you send me a little more writing material. I still have some notepaper but my envelopes are nearly all gone. I have a large number of unanswered letters on hand and must get busy on them. I try to get a letter of sorts off to you every other day but the rest of my correspondence has been much neglected of late.

Have no idea when I shall get away on leave. There are two officers in the unit on the list ahead of me and both are still on the waiting list.

Yours lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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