France, April 5, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

Your two letters of March 30 & 31 respectively reached me this afternoon and cheered my up a lot. I had a good sleep last night after taking the chance that goes with taking off my clothes. I think I shall get into pyjamas to night again unless the enemy is reported to be advancing in force. There was a terrible bombardment at daybreak this morning and it has continued at intervals all through the day. I have not yet heard what it is all about. I am pleased to know that Col. Hewgill is satisfied with the military situation but rather envy him the ease with which he acquires his confidence.

The day has been very dull and overcast but there has not been much rain. Our men that are not up the line have next to nothing to do and we have let them have the loan of our gramophone out of the mess with which to entertain themselves.

I wrote several letters yesterday but this is the only one that I shall get done to-day. Do you be alarmed if you do not hear from me for several days at a time, for often we get no chance to write letters and more often no chance to post them after they are written. Had a long letter from Miss Hubbard to day. She asked me to convey to you her good wished for our future happiness.

Regarding an allowance, I had been counting upon sending you at least £15 a month & more if you need it. I have assigned $35 per month to The Royal Trust Co. in Calgary to enable them to take care of my overhead expenses there. £10 a month will be ample to meet my requirements so that will leave a margin of £5 per month if you can manage on the sum specified. You should accumulate a fair margin to provide against unforeseen contingencies. Do not let your reserve funds get dangerously low.

You hair I may say is perfectly splendid the way it is, but make any alterations you wish. I shall probably soon smooth out all the curls when I next meet you on leave, i.e. if there is not too bid a crowd of our friends present when we meet.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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