France, April 9, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

Your letter of April 3 came yesterday and I was pleased to know that my letters had been reaching you alright although I fear that there was not much in them to cheer anyone. Just a year ago do day we went “Over the top” at Vimy Ridge and we all thought that we had the Germans beaten to a standstill. The prospects are far different now but I presume that the situation is never so bad nor so good as it may appear at any particular moment.

The weather has been very dull and miserable the past few days but whether the rain is helping us or the enemy I really do not know. Outside of the effect it has on the military operations it is certainly very disagreeable for everyone.

Just at present our unit is m/c of a C.R. 8 miles behind the lines. We have comfortable quarters and the work is not heavy. Last night my batman put a hot water bag in my bed. This doesn’t sound much like a tale of the “Horrors of war” does it?

I was much interested in your remarks concerning the offer you had had to take up hospital work. Of course if you could arrange to get off whenever I go on leave you might start in any time. Certainly we must have our next leave together and we shall get far away from “The madding crowd”. Naturally I have no idea when leave will again be opened and really with the military situation in its present critical state leave is a matter of very small relative importance. I presume you would prefer to return to the Canadian service and I think I should also rather that you did.

Please excuse this short letter. I may be able to do better next time.

Yours with world of love
Harold W. McGill

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