France, April 11, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

The ink has all gone from my pen but I must write you anyway even if it must be by pencil. I received your letter of April 6 this afternoon. It has been a fine bright day and if the war news were only as satisfactory as the weather we could all be happy and cheerful. However I do not suppose that our cause is helped any by all of us registering gloom.

Had a parcel from Canada containing a pair of socks, a box of tobacco and a box of cigarettes. The socks are very fine ones but as I said I have now far more now than I need. It would be too bad for the Germans to get a lot of fine socks in case they should capture me.

We are still in the same place and as I told your have very comfortable quarters. I had a bath this afternoon and put on the socks that came in the parcel. We are kept busy in the morning but have not much to do in the afternoons. We had a call this afternoon from some officers from a battalion in our division. It does one good to talk to our fighting men. The enemy certainly hasn’t got them scared, and when he attacks our line he will find this out for himself. I wish we had a hundred divisions of Canadians here like the ones we have. Fritz wouldn’t be able to come very far in that case.

By all means come to France if you wish and can do so, although personally I should prefer that you stayed in England until the military situation cleared up in our favour a bit.

Your always loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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