France, April 12/18

Dearest Wife; –

The mail arrived before noon to day and I had two letters one from you and one for you. Yours bore the date of April 7. The mail is coming more regularly now and I get a letter from you nearly every day, not 2 or 3 at a time as formerly.

The letter that came for you I am enclosing. I think it is from my dear old aunt in Toronto but it bears the Calgary post mark. The mystery will be cleared up when you read the letter.

It is a beautiful day outside the finest we have had this Spring and if we were only driving back the Hun we could all be happy as I remarked in a former letter. Some of the officers are going out for a ride this afternoon but I shall remain in camp. I must try to get a letter off to one of my new sisters this afternoon.

There is an orchard and a small wood beside our huts, and this morning at sunrise all the birds among the trees were singing their heads off. It would be fine for us if could have our leave at this season wouldn’t it? I fear no leave for any members of the B.E.F. this summer unless the military situation is materially improved before long.

I found a little ink in my ink bottle and put what was left in my pen. Now if your wish to do a nice wifely act please mail me a bottle of fountain pen ink in one of these containers used to protect the bottle when on the road.

Have not heard from Margaret for several days. My brother said in his last letter that Ethel, his wife, had had a very nice letter from you. I am sure that no one could be otherwise than pleased by receiving one of your letters.

Have not seen Major Doughty for two or three months. I think I told you of my meeting Col. Bell and of his inquiring for you. I hope he comes through alright. If every officer in the B.E.F. had done his part as well as Col. Bell has the war would be over and Germany flattened out.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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