France, April 27, 1918

My dearest wife;-

Your two letters of April 20 & 21, respectively, arrived this morning. I also had one from my brother. In reply to your question I should advise you to send the letter to Winnipeg if you are writing him.

I was very much interested in Mrs. Black’s letter. She gives lots of news. This writing is worse even than my usual hand for any time anybody walks across the floor the table rocks, and to still further enliven things four people are playing bridge at the other end.

Yes, unless Matron-in-Chief Macdonald can give you something definite in the way of a prospect, I should advise you to accept the offer you mention. In either service your chances of getting to France are probably some what remote. However make sure that you retain the option of taking your leave when I get mine, if that event ever occurs again.

We had a new member of our unit arrive from England last evening, Capt. Barnett from Witley Camp. He is taking the place of our Capt. Sinclair who left us to-day for England. Now I am afraid you will wish to know why I do not apply for a transfer. Sometimes, my dear girl, when I am thinking of you over there, which is very often, my resolution almost wavers for a time. We should have been further ahead now though had fewer people not wished to do all their campaigning in England. No, with the present black military outlook it would be taken as an evidence of chilly feet for one to apply for a transfer to England.

I have just written to Miss Taylor, thanking her for the grey socks. I do hope they were grey.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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