France, April 28, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

I had your two letters of April 22 & 23 respectively this afternoon. You will find enclosed the communication you had from Matron in Chief Macdonald. My dear, as I remarked before any sphere of endeavor you may adopt will have my hearty approval. I quite subscribe to the opinion you expressed that everyone should be doing something. Why do you not go over to the Drysdales and break the monotony of things for yourself? You mention something about the likelihood of your going being dependant upon the state of the war news and upon the quality and location of my billet. Why should these factors influence your decision. You cannot render any assistance to our army or to me by making a recluse of yourself. Certainly it makes one feel somewhat depressed when things are going badly, but why add to the gloom?

One day last month we all had to stand to for 48 hours with our teams hitched up ready to move on a moment’s notice. Did we stand around wringing our hands? We did not. We cleaned up and loaded our revolvers and then sat in to a game of bridge to pass away the time. Each of us had a gun strapped to his waist and we must have looked like a bunch rehearsing a scene fro a Wild West show. No it does no good to the cause for anybody to try doing penance. So please go out and enjoy yourself when you get a chance. We shall have our good time together later.

I think I have answered all your questions. Those relating to my location I answered a few days ago. We have not had any notice of a proposed move since then.

I wrote Prof Christie this afternoon and sent forward your message of thanks.

Good night my dear heart and please do not try to make me feel better by being miserable yourself.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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