France, May 11, 1918

Dearest Emma ; –

You will have been thinking that I have forgotten you entirely but such is not the case. Your letter of May 4 enclosing the C.G.H. invitation arrived yesterday and to day I received the one written on May 2 & 3 and the one dated May 5. I am pleased to know that Enid liked my letter although I fear it was a rather poor performance at that.

I replied to Miss Corbett this afternoon thanking her for the interest she had shown in your welfare. Miss Corbett asked me to advise you not to go to work as she says she is quite sure you are not in fit physical condition. The poor lady seems quite concerned and worried over the matter. I told her that I was leaving the decision entirely with you and I presume you will have her after you in an attempt to dissuade you from your intention.

Now why didn’t I write? Well, yesterday was my day to write as you know and I fully expected to be able to get a letter off to you in the afternoon. I had to go off in the morning to give evidence at a court martial and did not get back until evening. Then the A.D.M S and some other guests arrived for dinner and immediately after dinner we all went off to a concert given by a flying squadron entertainment company The concert was splendid, one of the best if not the very best I have seen in France. After the concert a couple of the flying officers came into the mess and we had a lobster salad lunch at midnight. One of the officers asked me down to their aerodrome, to have “A flip up” as he put it. I shall try to get down some fine day when there is not much wind, but may not go up with this particular officer as he has crashed 3 times in a few weeks and is still hobbling around with a cane.

Had a letter from Margaret to day, the first in nearly two weeks. She says that she has not been kept very busy lately and had been out horseback riding on a borrowed horse. I was very pleased to hear from Margaret for I had been so long without a letter from her that I was beginning to become anxious.

The weather has been decidedly cooler the past two days and we may be in for a period of dry weather. If we get dry weather the enemy will likely tear loose again somewhere on the front. I have high hopes that he has had about all the big spectacular successes that he can get, but there is no doubt that we are in for a full summer of strenuous and almost continuous fighting.

I was talking to our A.A. and L.M.G. the other day and he informed me that in his opinion leave would not be reopenend until next November. That sounds reasonable.

Write often and at as great length as you please.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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