France, May 13, 1918

My dear wife; –

This has been a dreary wet day and it is still raining hard at 9.30 p.m. I had intended writing to you this afternoon but was prevented from so doing by the arrival of a visitor and later on by a game of bridge. The visitor was Gordon Jack of Calgary whom you perhaps know.

Your two letters written on May 6 & 7 respectively came to hand this morning. I am not getting many letters from Canada these days. Just now I am in the happy position of having no unanswered correspondance on hand. Several friends in Calgary used to write me more or less regularly but they are dropping out of the line one by one. I do not mind though how many quit writing to me so long as I have you to send me so many nice loving letters. Dr. Chambers has not written to me since he sent the one I forwarded to you last February. I never hear from Dr. Follett now.

I shall look forward with considerable interest to the receipt of your letter describing the result of your interview with the matron of Roehampton House. I do hope you will find something that will suit you. The main thing to be desired is to get among congenial surroundings and people. One reason I stayed on with the battalion so long was that I liked the people with whom I was working and could always be sure of working amicably with my O.C. The same thing applies to where I am now doing duty, and so long as things are as at present I shall hesitate to make any change. I know one M.O. who used to be with the division but who went down to the base at his own request. Lately he was sent up the line again and was attached to a British ambulance. Now he wishes to rejoin his old division but naturally the A.D.M..S. is not going out of his way to make room for him. The officer who fancies running from one job to another does not make much of a hit as a rule although there are exceptions apparently.

Yours ever,

Harold M. McGill

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