France, May 17, 1918

Dear Emma; –

Did not have any letters yesterday or the day before but was delighted beyond measure to receive yours dated May 9 this morning. I do hope that you will like your new work and the people with whom you are associated and I am sure that if these conditions are fulfilled you will be much more contented than when you were living at the hotel.

Am very sorry to hear of Dr. Leacock’s illness and trust that it will not turn out badly. Of course pleurisy is always a serious matter. I understood that Dr. Leacock had gone back to Canada some time ago. If she has not, please give her my very best wishes and kindest regards when you next see her, or if you are writing her you may do the same.

Enid’s letter was the only one that I drew from the last Canadian mail but it was good enough to make up the shortage. The copies of Canada’s “Life” came today. Many thanks.

It is very hot to day but not too hot for me. I like the hot weather in spite of my fat. The growth is simply wonderful. I like the weather when it is warm enough for one to sit outside without a coat in the evenings. It may be that if the war takes a turn in our favour we shall yet be able to have our Scotch honeymoon before the Summer flowers fade.

Will you please do something for me? I should like a union suit of summer under wear, something in the line of loose knit material. I should like it sleeveless but with a full length leg. Do not send a suit with knee length legs in any case for I could not use it with riding breeches. You will begin to think that I am expecting too much of you as a wife when I ask you to buy my underwear. Nor can I promise to do the same for you some day, for I shouldn’t in the least know what to buy. Oh! About size. I should think that a 38” chest measure would be about right. Send me the bill and I shall remit the amount less any discount. You could have this mailed from the shop direct, I should think.

We are kept fairly busy here in the mornings but can be lazy through most of the long hot afternoons. I should be perfectly well satisfied to be stationed here for the balance of the summer, provided of course that I had leave regularly every 3 months. I have not been getting around the countryside very much although there is no particular reason why I should not. Just a present we have a quoits competition going on among the officers of the unit. I shall have the honour of playing off for last place in the series. The games cause great excitement after dinner every evening.

Major Ings was here for lunch yesterday. He is just the same as ever. I rather admire the way the old chap sticks it over here. He is M.O. to the D.A.C.

A boy has just been a round selling copies of yesterday’s Daily Mail and I shall now close this letter and read the latest war news. You will note that your last letter took 8 days to reach me. I hope now, that you are up in London, your letters will make better time on the way. Margaret has not written me for some days and I have not heard from Frances for weeks.

I send you all my love.

Your husband

Harold W. McGill

Enclosed cheque please.

H.W. McG.

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