France, May 23, 1918

My dear wife;-

The mail was in early this forenoon for the second day in succession, and with it came your letter of May 17. The mails between England and here are becoming slower than ever before. They probably made better time in the days of Edward the Confessor.

The weather is much cooler to-day especially this afternoon. It is now 4 P.M. and I have just managed to escape being drawn into a game of quoits. Had I weakened and been drawn into the game it is hard to say when I should have written this letter. I shall probably not get time to-morrow for purposes of letter writing for we are having a field day of athletic sports. We are likely to have an American band to furnish music for the occasion.

I had a fairly busy morning, and this afternoon I inspected my section equipment. After doing that I had a bath and changed into “slacks” so here I am with the history of my day recorded up to date. We shall likely have a moving picture show again to-night. Capt. Dunham has just ordered afternoon tea. This morning the sky began to cloud up and we had hopes of a cloudy night. It has cleared up this afternoon though.

The letter I sent off to you last night was sent off in such a hurry that I did not have time to read it over before sealing it up. I hope there were not many uncorrected mistakes in it. Please excuse any such that you noticed.

Am pleased to know that Grant is likely to make a good recovery. I am anxious to know just how far out of town you are and how you get down when you go. I suppose I should say “Up” instead of “Down.” Which is it? How am I to find you when I am suddenly surprised by receiving a leave warrant?

Your fondly loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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