France, June 4, 1918

Dearest Emma ;-

Have not had any word from you since I wrote two days ago. We have been quite busy since Sunday but I managed to attend a cinema show yesterday afternoon and a concert at night. The concert was put on by our own C.R.S. party and made quite a hit.

The sky is quite cloudy this afternoon and we may get a rainstorm. A good soaking rain would do a lot of good now. It would help the crops, put down the dust for a short time anyway and might hold up the German offensive to some extent. The cloudy dark nights are much more peaceful in the back country here but I suppose the clear weather helps our bombing airplanes more than it does the Hun’s for we have a greater number doing business.

I am living in hopes of getting up to see Margaret to-morrow. I hope the mail comes in early so that I may receive your letter or letters before I start off. Wish I were leaving for England in the morning. I saw an officer last night who is starting for his leave in England to morrow. So long as there is such an institution as leave in existence we must not despair.

I had a letter from my friend Christie in Baltimore the other day but have had no Canadian mail for I don’t know how long a time.

I shall write you the day after to-morrow and let you know how I have come out in regard to my visit.

Your dearly loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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