France, June 10, 1918

My dear wife;-

Your letter enclosing the one from Dr. Leacock arrived this morning, also the two packages of envelopes for which I wish to express my thanks. I am very pleased to know that Dr. Leacock is enjoying improved health.

It has been trying to rain at times during the past few days but with very little result so far. Up to the present June has been much cooler than was the same month last year. I hope that the weather is fine during September for I expect to get my leave about then. Of course it might come sooner or again it might not come until late in the autumn.

We have now an American officer attached to us for instruction. He is wondering what he will do with his excess baggage. He tells me it is ridiculous the amount of stuff they are instructed to bring out from the States, and states that if he had it to do over again he would bring very little except his uniform.

I fear I did not answer your questions regarding the choice of hotel. It makes no difference whatever to me, my dear one, and when the time comes when we shall need one you better engage a room at the hotel you like best. I always take a room with a bath when I am on leave but outside of that I am not fussy. I do not consider the Petrograd too much out of the way. It is quite close to a tube station. In any case we shall probably remain only a few days in London.

I played three games of quoits this afternoon and in half an hour I shall go to the movies. We have a new picture showing to-day.

Many thanks for the markers. I have not shown them to Scotty, my batman, yet and cannot give you his opinion of them.

Your loving husband,

Harold E. McGill

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