France, June 29, 1918

Dear Emma;-

Your letters are coming promptly and rapidly these days. Yesterday I received yours of June 23, and to day yours of June 24 and 25, respectively. You will note that the latter had been on the road only 3 days. It is very nice to be able to obtain a reply to a letter within a week.

I had a letter from Margaret yesterday – no, it was today – and she reproached me for not writing her sooner. Canadian Corps sports are to be held on July 1. If possible I shall attend and I may see Margaret there.

Leave to Paris is now being granted to our troops. It is of 10 days duration, that period also covering the time spent on the road. It would scarcely be worth your while to come over for that length of time. Now my dear, do not for a moment run away with the idea that I intend to apply for this Paris leave, for leave without you, anywhere, would not have any attraction for me. However, if I cannot get leave to England within a reasonable time, would you consider the proposition of meeting me in Paris? We would not have long together and could not make any side trips in the time at our disposal. On the other hand neither of us has ever been in Paris, and we could probably spend a few very enjoyable days there provided the Germans did not come any nearer.

The weather is becoming warmer and we may yet have some real summer. I see by the papers that there have been heavy frosts in Germany but the reports like others of dire distress in that country are quite likely to be untrue. I note that you also find cloudy nights the most restful especially when there is a moon.

Hope to hear from you to-morrow although I fear I shall not be able to write to you again for 2 or 3 days, especially if I go to the Corps sports on Monday. I trust that you are keeping well and have escaped the “Flu” so far. Do not work too hard for I want you to be in the best of health for our trip to Scotland.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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