France, July 2, 1918

Dear Emma; –

Your two letters of June 26 and 27 respectively reached me this morning. I had not received any letters from you yesterday or the day before.

Canadian Corps sports were held yesterday and of course a big time was had. Most of our men and all the officers, except the orderly officer, attended. The men went in the morning and the officer remained all day while the officers did not go until afternoon.. It was a most wonderful exhibition and well worth going far to see. There was a very large crowd and it seems to me I met nearly everybody I ever knew. Canadian nursing sisters were there from all over the countryside. The whole nursing staff of No. 4 including Margaret was there. The British sisters from one of the other C.C.S’s had taken their duties for the day. Col. Doughty came and had tea with Margaret, Miss Lynch and a few others besides myself. We met Tommy O’Hagan and the Lord knows who else. My biggest surprise was when I was walking along in front of one of the several grand stands. I heard someone speak to me and on looking up saw Miss Mary Thompson, who used to be at the C.G.H., sitting in a front seat. I had had no idea she was on this side of the Atlantic. She is with No. 3 General Hospital (Canadian) at present.

18 H.
There has been a pause of a couple of hours here while the officers and sergeants of the unit had a base ball match. We won but I forget the score.

All yesterday I was wishing you were in France and could have come to the sports. I am sure you would have enjoyed it much more than I did. Everybody out here is very good to Canadian Sisters. Just at present our unit is billeted in a Chateau and some of the officers have mooted the question of giving a garden party and dance. We have several fine big rooms with splendid floors. There is an open space in front of the Chateau and beyond that the finest piece of woods I think have ever seen. It is glorious, and the ideal spot for a garden party. Col. Simpson, our A.D.M.S. says that I shall have to get you over and build a hut out in the woods here. How would you like that? I happened to mention the subject of the garden party to the nurses yesterday and it aroused great interest. Margaret made me obtain the permission of Miss Johnson, the matron, for them to attend in case we did succeed in starting some thing. Col. Doughty is also going to get something started for the nurses at his chateau. We might have a good time out here if it were not for the war.

Yours very lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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