France, July 5, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

Your letter of June 29 reached me yesterday and that of June 30 to day. I hope that since you wrote you have had a good rest and that the epidemic fever still continues to pass you by.

We are getting beautiful weather here now although it gets quite cool in the evenings. I wish we could have a day or two of good heavy rain. We are not at all busy and are devoting the greater part of every afternoon to games and sports. We have just had two new officers join us.

I am pleased to know that you had a nice dinner at the Carlton. If I am not mistaken it is just a year ago to day since I went down to see you at Bramshott. It looks now as though we should have to spend the next holiday sometime during the winter. There is still a chance though that leave will extend a little next month or in September. September would be a nice month in which to have leave but after that the weather is liable to be somewhat dismal. I see by the papers that the fruit crop in England is the poorest that it has been for years. We had strawberries for lunch again yesterday and very good ones too. The raspberries here are not nearly ripe yet.

There is a rumor current out here that the pay of medical officers in the Canadian service is to be increased. I hope this turns out to be correct, for then we can save a little more to start a home for ourselves when we get back to Canada. Now I do not want you to go out and buy a lot of silverware and fine china on the strength of the information I have given you, for the aforementioned increase of pay may not be forthcoming. My expenses over here are not high. I have cashed only one cheque since March and that was for five pounds. I shall soon have to cash another though for I have not been playing much bridge lately.

It is dinner time now and I shall have to say Good Night.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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