France, July 6, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

I was very pleased to have your letter of July 1 this morning but very sorry to learn that the influenza had at last nailed you. I hate think of your having been ill in bed on Dominion Day while I was enjoying myself at the corps sports. I can only hope that as you promised you will now have recovered. You will feel somewhat languid however for a few days after your temperature comes down.

I heard last night that the allotment of leave for our division had been doubled. If this is true we shall all have our turn within 15 years instead of 30 as it worked out under the former leave allotment to the medical services. We have had nobody go on leave to England from our unit since early last spring. Capt Moses, who is immediately ahead of me on the list, has his application in but nothing has come of it.

Scotty MacLean, my batman ordered me to write to you and ask for some more of those marking tapes. Scotty would like to tags a little bigger as he tells me that his fingers are too clumsy to sew on the small ones.

We are having continued nice weather and our men are having the time of their lives. The officers had a baseball match yesterday, which we won, and one to day which we lost. It looks as though it might rain to night. I hope that it rains all day to-morrow. If it is a nice day to morrow though I shall probably go out for a horseback ride. I have not been on my mare for over three months. There are some very nice dirt roads upon which to ride about here.

Have you had any Canadian mail recently? We’ve had none here now for, it must be over two weeks. Your daily letters though are coming regularly and in fairly good time and the non arrival of Canadian mail does not in consequence bother me very much. I am all caught up now with my correspondence except to answer a letter I had from the States a few days ago.

I sincerely hope Dear, that you will be quite well by the time this letter reaches you if not before. Give my kindest regards and congratulations to the Leacocks when you next see them.

Yours lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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