France, July 26/18.

Dear Emma; –

As I expected there were two letters from you in the mail for me to day, those dated July 21 + 22 respectively. Your letters have been making good time in transit lately. I also received a long letter from my Baltimore friend in this morning’s mail. I shall send it along to you.

The weather continues very wet and it reminds one of the variety we had at the beginning of August last year. Heavy showers fall nearly every day. Last night was clear but the sky looks as though it might be clouded up to-night. Cloudy nights are the best for sleep here.

Do you intend returning to Glen Lea Hotel after you are finished with Roehampton House? I shall continue sending my letters to your present address until I hear what your new one is to be.

I note your remarks re the affairs of the medical service in M.D. No 13. That is the mess into which I should land if I were to accept duty in Canada. It is just the state of things one knowing the conditions would naturally expect to exist there.

The war news is keeping good these days and the French seem to be giving Heinie a little more than he had expected. More power to them!

I am pleased to see that British troops are now taking part in the struggle down there. Even the Italians did their part in stopping Heinie. I see by the paper we got to day that the submarine sinkings for last month were the lowest for any month in nearly two years. We shall probably have plenty of ships to carry all the wheat that can be exported from Canada next Winter, for I understand that the crop in Western Canada is very light owing to lack of rain. Goodbye for present.

Your loving husband

Harold M. McGill
P.S. Please excuse my delay in forwarding cheque enclosed. H.M. McG.

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