France, Aug 3, ’18

Dearest Emma; –

The arrival of your two letters of July 27 and 28, respectfully greatly rejoiced my heart and relieved my anxiety. They came to hand at noon to day. Many thanks for the shaving brush which also came in the mail to-day. I opened the box during lunch. All the officers at the table had a look at it and all pronounced it “Tres bon”. It is really a very fine one. I shall discard my old one at once.

We had a very heavy rain this morning but the sun is coming out now and there is a promise of a fine afternoon. I shall probably go down to the river for a swim.

Who are the Salmons whom you mention in your letter? I was much amused by your account of the people pretending to do V.A.D. work. Their attitude towards their duty in life is quite characteristic of a large section of the English. Many of the English whom one meets are the very salt of the earth, but there are others who are quite impossible.

There has been no Canadian mail out here for some time and I am expecting some letters almost any day now. I have not yet answered Enid’s letter and must do so before long.

I have some real news for you at last. Capt Moses went on leave this morning. Of course this does not mean that I shall get away immediately upon his return to the unit, but I am the first on the list now and will likely get the next leave granted to our unit. Capt. Moses is the first officer of ours to go on leave since the first of March.

I note that your two letters were posted in the same place and at the same hour.

Your devoted & loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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