France, Aug 17, 1918

Dear Emma; –

Our mail has not come up to us for two days, hence any letters that you may have written since Aug 9 have not been delivered. It is now 6:00 P.M. and I have just got up after sleeping since noon. It is very much cooler to day than we have had it for some time.

Yesterday I went off duty at noon. We were clearing to no.4 C.C.S., so right after lunch I jumped on a car going down with a load of patients. The afternoon was very hot and I found everyone at the C.C.S. very busy. Margaret was in the operating room first so I did not have much time to talk to her. She managed to get away about five o’clock for half an hour though. I returned on an empty M.A C. car coming back to M.D.S. and was home in time for dinner. I went on duty again at midnight and came off at noon to day.

We were quite busy all night. Things should be easier to night for the sky is cloudy, and it will be possible for us to have lights and dress in the tents without the danger of being smashed to pieces with air bombs. I hope it doesn’t rain although a covering of clouds for the moon is quite acceptable.

There has been no word about my leave lately, but I hear leave is opening up very considerably and I fully expect to get away as soon as this active fighting is over for a time. It would not surprise me to get away before the end of this month although I have not been counting upon going before the beginning of September. In any case we shall have a nice holiday before the last of Summer has gone.

Yours with greatest love
Harold W. McGill

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