France, Oct 28/18

Dear Emma;-

Your letter of Oct 23 came to hand yesterday and the one of Oct 24 reached me a few minutes ago. Of course I am pleased that you bought the watch, Dear, since that was your choice. By the way, what about Christmas? Are we going to send any presents? If we are it is about time they were on their way don’t you think? I am enclosing a cheque for £15 for you to spend along that line if you see fit. Of course this must cover the cost of presents from both of us for we really cannot spend more. There is nothing I can get to send from this country except Hun souvenirs.

The lady that owns the house in which I am billeted was in to day to see what the Huns had left her. The house is attached to the school which we are using for a hospital and this lady had taught the school. Her husband has been a prisoner in Germany for 4 years, having been taken at Mauberge early in the war. The poor woman cried when she saw the wreck the Huns had left. Her fine mattresses are all cut to pieces and wanton destruction carried out all over the house. Even the metal handles and lamp stands have been torn off of the piano. In the room which occupy I had found a silk lined jewel case, the lining of which had been all cut open by some Hun looking for plunder. Madame Bouchart assured me that the devils had found nothing of value in the case which had belonged to her daughter. She also told us how they had hidden their jewels and money from the Germans. The Huns had taken off all the cows and livestock early in the war and the people had had no milk, butter or cheese for 3 years. They allowed the people to keep their hens but had taken all the eggs. Nice people the Germans aren’t they?

Yesterday we had a church parade with the 31st Bn. The morning was beautiful and the parade was over shortly after 11 o’clock. I have met quite a number of the battalion officers whom I knew in the old days, Jewett, Gull, Bryant, WolleyDad and Blair. Capt Blair was in to see me last night and inquired kindly for you. The night before Capt. Dunham and I were out for dinner at Bn. Hq. mess. It has been a beautiful day out and quite warm for the time of the year. We had pay parade and kit inspection this afternoon. To-morrow we shall have a route march.

I had a letter from Co. Kappele to-day. He expects to be in England within a few days. His wounds are giving him considerable trouble but on the whole he is getting along well. Were you able to see Major Burgess?

How long do you expect to remain in Chichester? Let me know what you think about Christmas presents.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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