France, Sept. 17/18

Dear Emma;-

Your two fine letters of Sept. 11 & 12 respectively came to hand this morning. I also had one from Mrs. Clarke in to-day’s mail. From what you say regarding the number of people who were looking for us when we were on leave I should say that it was a good thing we got out of London early and remained out.

We are getting beautiful weather over here now. Today is just like Summer. We had a terrific thunderstorm with torrents of rain during the night, but the morning came out bright and sunny.

Yesterday, and the day before were also splendid days. Yesterday morning one of our cars was going up past No 4 C.C.S. so I went a-long and had a nice visit with Margaret. The unit was not receiving that day so she had time to talk to me. Miss Lynch is on leave and intended calling to see you when she is in London. Margaret sent her your address.

We had a big dinner the night before last to celebrate the third anniversary of the unit’s arrival in France. Personally I do not see why anybody should wish to celebrate the occasion of coming to France. Anyway we had a good dinner, all the roast goose we could eat. We also had lobster salad, fish cakes and raisin pie. Do you know how to make raisin pie? You may expect to be called upon in the future for an exhibition of your skill along that line. The cook certainly did himself proud in the turning out our dinner.

We are getting fine moonlight nights but the Hun bombing planes are not bothering us much. I suppose they are too busy elsewhere.

My left eye is giving me some trouble now that I have no wife to take care of me. If it is not too much trouble please mail me a tube of that Ung. Hydrarg. Ox. Hav. And also a tube of good tooth paste. My batman reports that no good paste is now available in the canteens here.

My bank book came in the mail to day. Thank you ever so much for attending to this matter for me. I notice that the balance is not very large, but with careful management we may be able to save enough during the next five months for another honeymoon. I am told that Nice is very fine in February and March. Five months do not take long to pass by. Leave is coming in quite fast now. Capt Dunham leaves for England to-morrow. I feel rather sorry for him for he has no wife waiting for him in London. Of course he thinks he is going to have a fine time on leave but he really isn’t. That is quite impossible unless one has a wife something like you. I cannot say just like you for that also would be impossible.

We are still enjoying a period of intensive rest and I am getting pretty well caught up with my neglected correspondence.

I shall look for another letter to-morrow.

Your loving husband

Harold E. McGill

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