France, Sept 19/18

Dear Emma;-

I had no less than four letters in the mail this morning, the one dated Sept 14, the two of Sept 15, and one dated Aug 24 and mailed on Sept 14. I wonder what could have happened the latter. Did you forget to post it until you got home from leave?

The bet with Cpt. Moses came about in this way. I was joking him about the big pile of letters he had waiting for him when he came back from leave. He offered to bet one that I would have a bigger pile. I took him on and lost because I have a wife who is such a faithful correspondent.

The weather has turned much cooler again and we have to put up with a gale of wind to day. Last night was cloudy and night bombing operations were not in evidence. On the whole though the weather is not bad for the time of the year but still I hope that the winter rains do not set in for another month at least.

The letter was from Margaret as you surmised. I am sending it on to you. Have not seen Margaret since I wrote you the day before yesterday but shall probably take a run up to see her some evening this week. Yes, I think it would be a fine idea for you to send your trunk home if you do not need it. It would be wise for you to insure it for at least part value of contents. The extra pound or two in cost of transmission is not prohibitive. I am sending a box of surplus kit to the Pall Mall Deposit Coy. It will probably take a long time to reach its destination. Some of my summer clothing is in the box. I am trying to get the weight of my campaigning kit reduced somewhat but it is very hard to cut down much in the winter.

Take good care of yourself my love until we meet in Paris. How are you managing the stair climbing? You must take care of your heart.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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