France, Sept. 23, `18

Dearest Emma; –

This was my lucky day in the mail. I had only two letters it is true, but both were fine long ones and both from my dear wife, they being those written on Sept 14 &16 respectively.

The box containing the cake came yesterday and yet in one of the letters I received to day you speak of not then having dispatched it. The toothbrush & scissors were both in the box. Thank you very much for these articles, neither of which I am at present in need. I wish to offer you very special thanks for the cake which was splendid. Who made it. We had it on the table for afternoon tea yesterday afternoon, and again for dinner at night.

Our weather here is very trying. It rains every blessed day. Nearly every morning is fine and bright with every promise of a fair day succeeding but very soon heavy squalls of rain come on and these persist at intervals for the whole balance of the day. We have had no cold weather yet though, although there is a distinct suggestion of winter in the air.

The O.C. Capt Moses and I went off to play bridge at the 6th F. Amb. Mess the other night and had a good time; Major Hardisty was there, he is now in/c of the unit.

Have not had any Canadian mail for some time but am expecting it almost any day now. Did I tell you that I had a box the other day from Marion Macdonald, the girl of whom I spoke to you when I was on leave? She sent me some comb honey a bunch of cookies, and a cake. The two former items arrived in good shape but I grieve to relate that the cake was mouldy and unfit to eat. Of course I did not tell Marion this when I wrote to thank her. There was also a lot of Macintosh candy in the parcel. The O.C. got a five piece of maple sugar yesterday.

Yours most affectionately
Harold W. McGill

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